About the website


Anita Stosur, author of the content and the eBookMedicalAssistantInterviewQuestions.com was founded in May 2013, by Anita Stosur, recruitment consultant and interview coach.

Anita has worked for six years in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency H20, and now she tries to transform her experience and knowledge to a simple yet professional advice, trying to help the job seekers to prepare for their interview.

She runs also a website for pharmacy job applicants, and has written articles for several other online portals and magazines.

Since 2018, Anita belongs to Career Consulting Association, abiding by the code of conduct held in the association.


Website traffic statistics

traffic statistics from Google Analytics, we can see number of visits and page views on the picture, dating back to 2013 to date.

  • The website has helped more than 44,000 job seekers to date with their interview preparation.
  • We have welcomed visitors from 161 countries, but 86% of all visitors came from the United States.
  • We have received traffic from 212 various traffic sources, led by Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Pinterest, and Bing.

If you would like to know anything more about Anita or about the website and traffic statistics, please contact us.