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  • If you would like to consult Anita on your interview preparation, or have any additional questions after reading the eBook, write her to anita[at]medicalassistantinterviewquestions[dot]com . Please note that online consulting is available only for our customers.
  • If you need a new download link, or have any problems with downloading the files, contact Antony at sales[at]medicalassistantinterviewquestions[dot]com .


  • If you have any question regarding the eBook, write to Anita at anita[at]medicalassistantinterviewquestions[dot]com
  • If you have any ideas on website improvement, or would like to report a functionality bug, please use the contact form on the bottom of this page.


  • If you would like to promote our eBook as an affiliate, please contact Anita.
  • If you are interested in promotion on our website, please use the contact form below.
  • If you are a marketing agency, or a SEO agency, please save your time and do not contact us. We are not interested in your services, and your message will be promptly discarded.

Phone support: We do not offer an option to call us at the moment. If you want, though, we can call you. Please include your number and indicate your time zone in the body of your message. Thank you!

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