Give an example of time when you were overwhelmed with work.


A green cross in hands of a medical assistant. A picture illustrates the mission of healthcare employees. We can not see the face of a person on the picture.Life is not perfect, and everyone can feel overwhelmed with work. When it happens, the quality of our service will drop, and we will struggle in work.

Interviewers try to understand your attitude, if you can admit that you sometimes struggle in job, and if you have an idea on how to address the situation.

I suggest you to do the following when preparing your interview answer:

  1. Recall a situation from the past. Describe it realistically, and in detail, so the interviewers understand you got overwhelmed for a real reason (lot of work, working overtime, difficult period in your personal life, etc).
  2. Admit it. Admit that you were overwhelmed and that it had a negative impact on your work.
  3. Describe the things you did to eventually get over it.

Sample answers

It happened to me two months ago. Everything was just getting bad, work life, personal life, everything. I simply had enough. I described my feelings to the boss, and they said I should take two days off, which made four days total with the weekend. I went to the beach, relaxed, sorted out my thoughts. When I came back to work the following Monday, I did a good job again. Sometimes a little break can help us to find new motivation and energy.

I experienced that in the past, and I had to change my approach to work. I learned to prioritize my tasks better, to work faster and more effectively. I also learned to accept tough situations as they came and went. Today I can deal with everything that happens in job much better, not getting emotionally involved.

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Anita Stosur, author of the website

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