Have you ever completed an insurance form?


Medical assistant completing an insurance formAs it is typically the case in an interview, a question is not as simple as it seems. If you said just yes, recruiters might hand you a form together with a medical record and let you to complete it, directly in your interview.

Therefore if you have never done that before, you should say something like:

I have never completed an insurance form before. However, I believe I can learn how to do it quickly, as I have experience with completing other forms.

What to do if you have an experience?

If you have an experience with completing insurance forms, you should speak positively about the experience, and say that you enjoyed doing that, or at least somehow enjoyed, though it is generally considered a boring activity.  

I have completed dozens of insurance forms before. I am able to do it without an assistance from either a patient, or a physician. We learned to do it in the medical assistant certification course.

Special Tip: Extra efforts bring extra results

Classical outfit for medical assistantIf you have some time, you can try to obtain a written reference from your previous employers, or from your tutor at the study program.

On the top of that, you can talk to some people from the clinic (the one where you apply for the job), to understand better how the medical assistants conduct in their job there, and what is expected from them.

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