Have You Ever Completed an Insurance Form?


Medical assistant completing an insurance formAs always in a job interview, a question is not as simple as it seems for an average job seeker. If you say yes, recruiters may hand you a form together with a medical record and let you to complete it directly in an interview. Not easy, huh?

Therefore, if you have not done it before, say something like: I have never completet an insurance form before. However, I believe I can learn it quickly, as I have experience with completing other forms.

That’s it. Be honest and show some confidence.

What to do if you have an experience?

If you have an experience with it, you should not complain about this boring and sometimes difficult activity. It simply belongs to the job of medical assistant… Let’s have a look at a good answer.

I have completed dozens of insurance forms before. I am able to do it without an assistance from either patient or physician. We learned it in the training program.

Special Tip: Extra efforts bring extra results

Classical outfit for medical assistantIf you have time, you can do something special prior to your job interview. For example, you can try to obtain a written reference from your previous employers, or from your tutor at study program.

On the top of that, you can talk to some people from the institution, in order to get a boost in form of personal recommendation (of course this is possible only if you have some connection).

There are many things you can do and most job seekers won’t do it. However, most people will not get a job in an interview. Try to do something more, something special and stand out from the crowd.

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