How Would You Greet a Visitor?


Young medical assistant is greeting peopleThis seems as the simplest interview question in the world. Say “Good morning!”. Or should you do it differently to impress the interviewers? Surely, you should do it in another way.

Greeting is very important. It creates a first impression and influences mental condition of a patient. A friendly and cheerful greeting can help patients to get rid of stress and to feel better before the examination and treatment.

What more, greeting is not only about saying “Good morning!”. That’s just the beginning of it. As a good assistant, you should continue with asking the patient about the details of his appointment. Talking a little bit with the patient before the treatment is a good way to assess his stress level and his mood. It helps to understand the best approach towards him in the ordination.

Simple act of hospitality can help too! Is the patient old? Why not to offer him a helping hand, glass of water, or anything else? I know it is not typical in our healthcare institutions. However, you do not want to be an average medical assistant, do you?


Sample Answer:

I would say “Good morning!” or “Good afternoon” in a cheerful and friendly manner. I would keep an eye contact with the patient all the time. Then I would look in the schedule and ensure about details of his appointment with him. If I saw he needed some help, I would help him.

Some interview questions seem simple and easy to answer. However, you should never underestimate a question. Even a basic one is your chance to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. You can always present yourself as a detail oriented individual who thinks about his job responsibly. Greeting is not only a greeting… it’s something more. Please, do not forget on it in your interview.

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