How would you greet a visitor?


Young medical assistant with a stethoscope. We can see two physicians in white scrubs in the background. All three people are smiling.Seems like the simplest question ever. But is it, really?

Greeting is important. You can make a good first impression with a good greeting, you can help the patient to get rid of stress, to calm down before the examination.

What is more, greeting is not only about saying good morning. That’s just the beginning. Good medical assistants should continue with asking about the details of their appointment.

Talking a little with the patient before their treatment is a good way to assess their stress level, and their mood. It helps us to understand how to perform the clinical duties in a most appropriate way, and what we can expect from the patient.

Simple act of hospitality can also help. Are they old? Why not to offer them a helping hand, glass of water, or anything else… I know it is not typical in our healthcare institutions. However, you do not want to be an average medical assistant, do you?


Sample Answer:

I would say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” in a cheerful and friendly manner. I would keep an eye contact with the patient. Then I would look in the schedule and ensure about details of their appointment. If I saw they needed help, or a glass of water, I would offer them my help.

Some interview questions seem easy to answer. However, each question is a test, and your chance to stand out from the other job applicants. Keep it on your mind when preparing your interview answers.

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