If a patient accused you of a bad service, what would you do?


Young medical assistant checking the records and calling a patient. We can see her holding a headphone next to her ear, and pen in his hand, ready to write something down.You have to be ready for every possibility. Most patients are nice and humble, but few are irate, arrogant, or angry. They will accuse you of a bad service, doesn’t matter how hard you try in your job.

This simply happens, and to be honest, if you do a good job or a bad one doesn’t change anything. Someone will always accuse you of a bad service, and it will happen at least one time each week.

Never argue with a client

I know that you are tired. I know that you did everything right. I know that the patient is wrong and they have no reason to complain. Nevertheless, you should not argue with them.

Clinics and hospitals are healthcare institutions, but they are also business entities. Patients are clients nowadays – without them, the institution would not exist.

It is crucial to maintain the best possible customer satisfaction, and you should act accordingly. That’s the way you should look at it, at least when thinking about an answer to this interview question.

Apologize, even if there is nothing to apologize for

Stethoscope - one of the tools medical assistants use sometimes. We can see a blue stethoscope on then table.The best way to deal with any accusation is apologizing to the person. Even if there’s nothing to apologize for… Say that you are sorry, and promise better service for the next time. Let’s have a look at some answers.

I would apologize, even if I did everything right. What is more, I would thank them for their feedback. Obviously we are just people and everyone can make a mistake. I take every accusation as a lesson, and an opportunity to improve my service as a medical assistant.

First of all, I try my best to maintain good relationship with the patients. I try to understand each one of them, and approach everyone in a most proper way. However, if it happened, if someone accused me of a bad service, I would simply apologize and continue doing my job. I would not get discouraged.

Patient is always right, physician is always right, and the director of the clinic is always right (even if they are terribly wrong). Remember these words while interviewing for the job.

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