If a Patient Accused You of a Bad Service, What Would You Do?


Young medical assistant checking the recordsYou need to be ready for every situation. Most of the patients are nice and humble, but few are irate, arrogant or angry and can accuse you of bad service, doesn’t matter how hard you try to please them. This simply happens and to be honest, it doesn’t matter if you do a good job or a bad one. Someone will always accuse you of a bad service…

Recruiters inquire about it to see your reaction and determine your readiness for tough situations in work.

Never argue with a client

I know that you are tired. I know that you did everything right. I know that the patient is wrong and his accusations are inappropriate… But anyway, you should not argue with him. First of all, arguments never solve anything.

And secondly, clinics and hospitals are not only healthcare institutions, but also business entities. Patients are clients nowadays – without them institution can not exist. Think about it. Therefore, to maintain the best possible customer relationship is one of your priorities and duties. Patients are your customers. That’s the way you should look at it.

Apologize, even if there is nothing to apologize for

Working tool for medical assitant - SthetoscopeThe best way to deal with accusations is to apologize. Even if there’s nothing to apologize for, you should still do it. Say that you would apologize and promise better service in the future. Let’s have a look at two good answers.

I would apologize to the client for my bad service, even if I did everything right. What more, I would thank him for his valuable feedback, so I can make better decisions next time. Obviously we are just people and everyone can make a mistake, so I take every accusation of bad service as a chance to learn a lesson and to improve my work.

First of all, I try my best to maintain good relationships with all the patients. I try to understand their individuality and approach everyone in a suitable way. Therefor there shouldn’t occur any accusations of a bad service. However, if it happened, I would simply apologize and say that the client was right.

Patient is always right, physician is always right and the director is always right :). Remember it and you will make a great career in healthcare.

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