What Computer Programs Are You Familiar with?


Stamp for a medical assistant Times have changed. Modern medical assistant uses several computer programs on a daily basis. It helps him to save time and to work effectively. In a busy environment, for example when one assistant works with several physicians, it’s actually the only way to keep the work organized. In general, you can find yourself in two situations:

  1. You have experience with software, such as accounting software, medical practice management software (for keeping medical records and scheduling appointments), word processor (such as MS Word, for creating reports and other things) and potentially also a conference call program, if doctor uses it.
  2. You do not have experience with the software I have just specified.

So, what to do in each case?

Case 1: You have experience

You should list the programs you have experience with. What more, tell them how long you have been working with each program. Let me show you a good sample answer.

I have been working with AdvancedMD for one year. I can create invoices, keep records and plan appointments using it. I have been working with MS Word for more than ten years and use it for huge variety of tasks.

Case 2: You have no experience with the programs

Let’s face it. These software packages are specific. You could hardly have an experience with medical accounting or medical management software, if you did not work as a medical assistant before and if they didn’t teach you to work with it. So, what to do in order to not lose your chances of getting the job?

You should bet on your ability to learn and your computer intelligence. On the top of that, you should mention some typical programs you can work with. Let me show you an example.

I’ve been working actively with both MS Word and MS Excel for the past five years. I can work with MS PowerPoint too. I know that in every medical practice, medical practice management software is typically used. I have never worked with this one. However, based on my experience with other programs, I believe I can learn to work with it quickly. If you hire me, I am willing to commit my free time to study and practice with it, to be ready from the very first day in job.

As you can see, it is possible to present your disadvantage as an advantage in an interview.  Show them that you are willing to learn, motivated to do your job well and ready to work hard right from the start. Who cares that you have no experience with some programs? Attitude is what matters…


What to say at the end?

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