What computer programs are you familiar with?


medical assistant badge, we can see a typical signs such as heart, double serpent, and a cross on the badge. the principal colors are white, and gold, but the heart is red and the cross is blue.Times have changed. Modern medical assistants use several computer programs on a daily basis. It helps them to save time, and to work effectively.

In a busy environment, for example when one assistant works with several physicians (which happens often in a clinical environment), working with software is actually the only way to keep the track of your work, and to stay organized.


You have experience

If you have experience with software, such as accounting software, medical practice management software (for keeping medical records and scheduling appointments), word processor (such as MS Word or equivalent), you should tell them how long you have been working with each program, and what you can do with it.

I have been working with AdvancedMD for one year. I can create invoices, keep records and schedule appointments in the software. I have been working with MS Word all life, and I can do virtually anything with the program.

You have no experience

Most of us have no experience with medical accounting or medical management software, unless we have worked in healthcare before.

In this case you should talk about your computer skills, and an ability to learn new software quickly. You can also mention some other, common software products you can work with.

I have been working with both MS Word and MS Excel for the past five years. I know that you use also some medical practice management software at this clinic. I have never worked with that one, but I believe I can learn it quickly. If you hire me, I am willing to commit my free time and practice with the software after work, to get the skill as quickly as possible.


Average is not enough

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