What was your biggest mistake as a medical assistant?


Medical assistant with a kidMistakes belong to every job, even if someone’s health is at stake. It’s impossible to live, and to do our job, without ever making a mistake.

Interviewers simply try to find out if you can admit making a mistake, if you look at it responsibly, and if you learned a lesson from mistakes you made in the past
(either in your job, or in your personal life).


Say something

You should not say that you do not remember any mistakes. Even if you made only small mistakes, pick one of them for your answer. And if this is your first job application, refer to mistakes you made during your MA practice, or even a mistake from personal life. Your attitude to mistakes is more important than the particular situation you narrate.


Once I completed a wrong insurance form. Then we had problems with getting paid from the insurance company. I made the manager angry on the given day, but I learned from it and never repeated the same mistake again.

I mixed medical records of two patients together. However, nothing bad happened, as I realized it quickly, gave a call to both of them and apologized for my mistake. Now I always double-check the letterheads, to avoid making the same mistake again.

This is my first job application, so I have not made any mistakes in job so far. But I understand it will happen, because everyone makes a mistake sometimes. But I will do my best to avoid them, and take each mistake as a chance to learn something, and improve in my work.


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