What is your main duty in this job?


Young clinical medical assistant wearing bluie scrub, holding a lot of papers in her hands. We can see a stethoscope on her neckPeople have different expectations for different jobs. Some of us believe that the main duty of a secretary is to make good coffee (and look good), while others believe she should manage the entire office of her boss.

Needless to say, what you think, and what you should talk about in a job interview, are two very different things–doesn’t matter if you apply for a job of a secretary, or medical assistant.


Summarize it nicely

To most typical duties of medical assistants belong:

  • Scheduling appointments and greeting visitors of the office
  • Composing dictated letters from the physician, either on a typewriting machine or on a computer
  • Completion and submission of insurance forms
  • Handling telephone and mail and email
  • Patient’s charts typed up
  • Updating of medical records of patients
  • Assisting during physical examinations
  • Maintaining instruments and treatment rooms in good conditions, sometimes also cleaning

Clinical assistants may also:

  • Perform ECG’s and similar tests
  • Obtain vital signs from a patient
  • Be responsible for phlebotomy
  • Take part in lab procedures

However, interviewers do not want to hear a long list of your duties. It is good to know this list, but you should understand the main goal of this job, and what they will expect from you the most:

Medical assistant should assist the physician with all their working duties.

Say that, and elaborate on your answer with a short the list of duties, just to show them that you know what medical assistants normally do.

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