Why Did You Choose This Career?


Medical assistant in jobThis job is a mission. Or at least you should see it that way. You know, if you chose medical career just because of good salaries, or because it was your only option, you would hardly do it with love, passion and enthusiasm.

Recruiters at hospitals, as well as physicians themselves, understand very well the importance of your attitude to medical assistant job. That’s why you need to convince them that you are not only looking for a job, but following your true calling as well!

Sample answers

I love to help the others and I always wanted to work in healthcare. But I was not talented enough to become a physician. Also, I prefer administrative work to clinical. Therefore I decided for a career of medical assistant.

I followed my childhood dream to work in a hospital. I decided for a career of medical assistant, because I believe my communication skills, as well as my administrative experience, can be very helpful on this position.

As sample answers indicate, you should focus on your dreams, desires and goals. You should never say that you chose this job because of good salary or something similar.

And if an employer asked you why you did not become a nurse, you should simply say that you believe to have better predispositions for MA job.


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