Why Did You Choose This Career?


Medical assistant in jobA job, or a mission? A good question indeed, and as patients we do experience both attitudes… Both which one should you present in an interview for this job? 

Recruiters at hospitals, as well as physicians, prefer to hire people who really care for their jobs, and do not work just to earn money. Therefore you should do your best to convince them that you consider this job a mission, and follow a calling to help people.

Sample answers

I love to help people, and I always wanted to work in healthcare. But I was not gifted to become a physician, or a surgeon, as I originally wanted. And I realized that I prefer administrative work to clinical duties. Therefore I eventually decided for a career of medical assistant, which allows me to combine the two.

I believe that my communication skills, as well as my administrative experience and empathy, make a me a great candidate for this position. And I always wanted to work in hospital.

Try to focus on your dreams, and strengths that make you a great candidate for the job. Do not talk about your salary, or education as a reason for your preference. It would indicate a must, not a desire….

And if an employer asks why you did not become a nurse, you can say that you believe to have better predispositions for a job of medical assistant.


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